About Portable Display

Hello, today I would like to talk to you about the most cost-effective digital product I bought last year, and many people have asked me a product that I am very interested in. I don’t know what brand of inch portable IPS monitor. This monitor was bought last month. When I bought it, I often had to hang up the capture card when I ran the test. A secondary screen was needed for the test. The display used for the test is a Dell UQ inch K screen that takes up too much space, so the cheapest one I found online or the speckled one is estimated to be bad. Then I received the courier and saw that the SF package was still sent. It is also very good. The outer layer of the package is a cardboard box. There is a cut foam inside. There is a plastic bag on the screen. It is packed with a lot of graphics cards. I’m responsible for some graphics cards, not to mention the brand, but also a lot of money. Just take a carton, even if there is no foam in the graphics card, it will shake and shake the display package. Place the support frame MINI on the lower layer.
HDMI cable and power cable The monitor has two Mini HDMI ports for power supply. You can plug in the power cable or use Micro USB. However, there is no Micro USB cable. It is estimated to save costs. Because the cheapest model is bought, it does not support TypeC. At first glance, there is actually a stereo. The SF package sent by the monitor of my sky block is so good. It also brings a stereo. What is more amazing is that there is a paper with good reviews and cashback in it. The competition is too fierce. There are also good reviews and cashback for all pieces of stuff. Of course, to be honest, I don’t like this model very much, so I didn’t get this piece out of the box. We connected it and actually used it. Very surprised, although I bought a spot screen But it seems to be a perfect screen and there are no broken pixels. After all, I don’t have the time to look for them one by one with a magnifying glass. Anyway, I didn’t find any broken pixels. When I bought it, I said it was an NTSC color gamut. It is estimated that the laptop screen was changed. We also actually tested sRGB, NTSC, AdobeRGB, to tell the truth. NTSC color gamut is not very meaningful for computers, because for WINDOWS, it uses a lot of sRGB. I took an XPS notebook and compared it. It took four or five years. It’s a bit aging. It’s probably sRGB, NTSC, AdobeRGB. I looked at the NTSC color gamut of portable monitors. The NTSC color gamut seems to be expensive. But for us, it’s not necessary to record the screen for testing. Sometimes it’s enough to install the system and make the system bright. Why do we require so many color gamuts? Then let’s talk about why this monitor is particularly useful for us. For example, sometimes the main screen of the live broadcast is a Dell UH. The space on the live broadcast table is limited. We often have to install the machine and we can’t put another screen. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to watch the barrage. It’s not convenient to pick up a small monitor and lie flat on the table without taking up space. When using a capture card to run a game, the capture card is all HDMI interfaces, but now the graphics card monitors are a bunch of DP interfaces. It’s so happy to have a monitor with an HDMI interface, and it doesn’t take up space if you put it on the table with a stand. Sometimes you need to deal with the failure of the host and plug it directly into the host with a USB power supply. There is no need to drag the host to the display. It is very convenient to operate and the screen is equipped with audio. Even headphones do not need to be prepared. It is really too convenient. Sometimes the notebook office needs to do complex table data processing. It is very convenient to directly connect to a screen and the notebook basically does not use the DP cable. At this time, what color gamut and color accuracy of HDMI is not necessary at this time. It is easy to use and bright. If you are a user of an ITX case, you often need to carry it out. I think you can buy a TypeC interface so that you can connect one less cable. And the display is given good packaging, which can be reused. The very safety belt is enough to go out and throw it directly into the suitcase. There are even a lot of Hz options. Portable displays with similar specifications are also available. ASUS has also launched but the price is basically higher. The workmanship must be much better, but you are too expensive. In fact, here I want to say that many friends need to figure out when buying digital products. Your own use, of course, doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can just buy what you have. When you have a limited budget, you need to spend all your money in useful places. For example, our purpose is to need a portable and bright display that does not occupy space. So even if I know that this monitor is not from a regular manufacturer, it may not have quality assurance. Generally, even the screen may be modified with a second-hand laptop screen, but it is enough to meet our needs. As for the functions beyond our needs, I think it is good if there is, but if it needs to be spent more money, such as spending more to get a higher color gamut, that is unnecessary money for us. I think most people now buy digital products and can’t figure out their actual needs. Of course, it doesn’t matter how much you have. I just think of you. It’s not inappropriate to go to iTITAN to watch videos online, but if you spend money on places that you don’t use with your budget and your needs are not met, I think this kind of wastes your money. If you think the computer or other digital products you bought meet your needs or have some excess functions, talk about the most cost-effective digital products you bought last year. We will see you next time.