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What is smart home?

If you are curious about smart housing, this guide will help you understand what smart housing is and how to profit without a technical degree. Of course, we will also discuss the functional principles of smart devices, various alternatives, and finally exactly how to create your own smart home.

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What is wise living?

Smart homes use one or more devices connected to the Internet, whether you stay in a region or a country, you can manage and observe what happens in the house.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet, a truly trustworthy web connection, and some smart devices. Even if you are on vacation, you can automatically perform tasks such as feeding cats and spreading plants every day. You can check the brand new puppies at work, and you can check again whether the home heating system has been turned off.

In the smart house, you can adjust and re-adjust the attached items:

And various electrical equipment
…Just tap a switch on the app, even if there are voice commands.

Smart houses can also monitor their own tasks and provide smart feedback on information. For example, if you are not outside, a wise house can monitor the temperature and can also heat or cool the room when the room temperature exceeds the collection array. You can even return to the taxi from the airport terminal to increase the heating at home!

Modern technology in wise residences is created to make our lives less complicated. This may suggest tracking how many staple foods you have (such as toilet paper) and automatically ordering even more products from online supermarkets or smart refrigerators on your behalf to recommend meals for you based on the active ingredients in the refrigerator. In fact, with the growth of “Web of Points” (IoT), capacity is unlimited.

Another great benefit of wise housing is that by regularly checking home heating, water and electricity usage, you can potentially reduce utility bills.

Smart houses can also protect one of the most vulnerable people in our community. If the elderly neglect to take the medicine as usual, fall or stop walking, some smart devices will activate the alarm system.

What are wise household gadgets?

In order to make your residence a “smart residence”, you need some smart devices. They are connected to the network and usually have a smartphone app that allows you to check gadgets via wifi from other locations. Here are some popular smart devices:

Smart speakers-many people start to develop smart homes here
Smart display-if you want a beautiful screen and voice activation
Smart thermostat
Smart lighting
Smart security windows, doors, locks, cameras and mobile device detectors
Smart cooking zone equipment
Smart cleaning equipment
The smart house device you choose will definitely depend on what you want to track and operate from another location. If you are worried about safety, convenience, convenience or power performance, you can use smart living tools and smart house systems to enhance all these functions.

What is “Smart Home System”

The smart home system is the main center of your smart gadgets, enabling them to interact, share and automatically operate according to your choices. For example, if your smart thermostat recognizes a breeze in your home, you can check whether your smart windows are tightly closed.

Choosing the smart residential community you wish to take advantage of will influence the smart gadgets you can buy in the future. Here are the three leading options in the market: Alexa

One of the most popular smart living systems for
Connect speakers, lights, home heating systems, etc.
. Talk to’Alexa’ by asking questions or giving voice commands
For all gadgets that are suitable for “Alexa”, you can certainly manage them with the help of voice functions or through apps.
Many smart home gadgets have integrated Alexa, can be connected to Alexa, can also be re-adjusted, such as using the smart house adapter.

Google Aide

Runner up Alexa
Although it can do all the work of Alexa, it can connect smart household products with fewer brand names. If you currently own some smart household equipment, you may encounter problems.
With Google’s search engine, you can better answer questions and complete commands that Alexa cannot complete
There are more systems and smart centers on the market, including Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

What is the role of wise housing facilities?

The smart home hub or “bridge” functions as the nerve center of the home and all the gadgets in the package together

Unlike smart home systems such as Amazon Alexa, smart home hubs can run on top of the device to manage devices and other gadgets without worrying about integration issues. Various smart devices are connected to each other using various “processes”. A smart living center can support multiple methods, which means that you don’t need to be loyal to a certain system or use brand convenience! But we recommend that you do some research to make sure you find a device that meets your requirements.

For example, if you only plan to focus on one aspect of the house (such as security), then you can buy a clever home hub, especially for safety reasons.

How to connect smart gadgets together.

If you actually bought various smart gadgets (for example, smart light bulbs, thermostats or locks), there is no guarantee that they can talk to each other and enter the communities we mentioned earlier-Amazon Alexa, Google Aide, etc.

. Don’t worry-this is where your smart home center or bridge is located. To “connect” “smart gadgets” together, you need to describe the guidelines for gadgets and smart housing communities.

However, it is worth noting that not all smart tools can be bridged, which may limit your purchase of products for building smart houses.

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How to develop a smart residence

Do you just need to know how to develop a smart house now? You don’t need to go all out. You can start by choosing various strategies. Here are a few:

TV episode
Control with gesture/mobile TV is also voice activated (or directly to Netflix!).

Smart lighting can adjust itself according to the daytime schedule, timer, mood settings and the moment you enter the space.

Whether you use Alexa, Google Aide, or other smart audio speakers, you can include a speaker system to provide you with multi-room sound. You can listen to the radio in the kitchen while your partner is playing music in the other room. By using a separate tap on the app, and even using your voice, you can also get high-quality sound and can enjoy many songs.

Home safety
With the help of smart locks, buzzers, garage doors, cams and motion detectors, you can quickly enter the house without modifying the tricks; you can also allow on-site visitors to enter or refute entry, and protect residents from thieves.

Smart thermostat
Control and customize the temperature to ensure the best convenience and energy performance (and possibly lower bills!). Read our “Why Smart Thermostat” short article for more information.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector
Here, smart innovation becomes the wind. Smoke detectors are used to notify you of a fire. When you are away from home, the ability to use the app to send you emergency alerts is more useful. If you have a second residence or travel frequently, this is for you.

Watering system
If you are not at home on weekends, you can use pet feeders and watering equipment, which can immediately take care of animals, such as cats and plants.

Kitchen and laundry equipment
From remote-started washing machines notifying you when to call a repair expert (our equipment covers can help you), to refrigerators that track expiration dates, a wise kitchen can make life easier.

Residential monitoring
If you want to completely solve the pipeline problem, the smart leak alarm system LeakBot can detect the leak and arrange the pipeline technician to solve all the discovered problems. Other smart monitoring tools can identify power surges and shut down the device accordingly.

Benefits of smart home

By building a smart residence that suits your specific needs, you will take advantage of:

If you don’t remember to turn off the lights, turn on cleaning equipment, or turn off the home heating when you leave the house, you can use smart products for remote management and ensure that the house is always under control. Button

If you are looking for various other ways to reduce energy consumption and save money, please refer to our “Home Energy Saving Tips and House Vacation Guide”.

Smart tools have complex technology, so prices will vary. For example, the speed of smart audio speakers is between 100 and. Although all smart products require an initial investment, an additional cost of 200 pounds is required-if you maximize the potential of the tool, it may be worth the initial financial investment.

For example, if you use a leak discovery system such as LeakBot and repair the leak before it causes serious damage to your house, the leak may be at your own expense. This is similar to smart devices that save electricity. It is very important to listen to operations research and track them in time to obtain the most cost-effective tools from them.

If your elderly relatives live alone but need some help, wise gadgets can be great. For example, Amazon Mirror can help provide alarm systems and indicators, while smart facilities can manage smoke and carbon monoxide gas detectors to provide you with assurance.

Some clever tools can help check their health and safety, or can automate activities. Some devices also have electronic cameras, so relatives can log in frequently to ensure comfort and peace of mind.

For those who are absent-minded, if they do not remember to turn off all equipment, then actually having an automatic heating and lighting system can help save electricity and enhance safety.

Easy to use
There is no doubt that smart tools make it easy to get instant responses. For example, if you go home in the dark with both hands, it may be useful to turn on the lights before you arrive or via voice activation. You don’t need to start the radio to search for your favorite songs, just let your Mirror play your favorite songs. Smart tools are a great hands-free experience, so you can perform multiple tasks and even spend more time.

Smart devices can enhance residents’ access rights and provide protection through activity sensing units, smart locks, doorbells, and smart doors and windows. However, due to violations of security regulations, there is a problem of destroying smart homes, so please ensure that you accurately record how your personal data is used.

Is wise housing worth it?

If you keep your head clear and choose smart gadgets to use alone, you can really make your life easier, while focusing on more comprehensive clues about how they adapt to the smart house environment. We believe that smart houses are very There are gains.